GForce Intros M Tron Pro IV Mellotron Virtual Instrument

GForce has introduced M-Tron Pro IV, a major update to their software take on the Mellotron M400, a tape-based keyboard famous for its use in recordings by musicians ranging from The Beatles to Radiohead to Nils Frahm.

M-Tron Pro IV features a 3.5GB sound library, including over 200 tape banks; a newly enhanced browser that simplifies the exploration of this vast library; a scalable UI and more.

Here’s what’s new in M-Tron Pro IV:

  • Fully-scalable UI
  • New Patch Browser with 800+ presets, all tagged and categorized
  • 100+ new presets.
  • Tape Browser – Navigate 200+ tapes quickly and easily.
  • Additional filter – A new state-variable filter to compliment the original.
  • Additional ensemble effect – A second, new ensemble providing additional sound sculpting possibilities.
  • New Tape Controls –  Wow and Flutter with Instability control.
  • Amp Simulation – New Amp simulation with Warmth, Noise and Saturate. Beautiful for warm distortions.
  • Reverb – New Matrix Reverb effect.
  • Playability – Expanded Poly Aftertouch and Velocity controls for extra playability.
  • Other new features – Individual FX locks, Extended keyboard range (down seven semitones), Undo, Redo, Copy and Paste, LFO shaping and destinations (Pitch, Filter, Pan, Level).

The M-Tron Pro Complete? bundle includes the M-Tron Pro IV instrument with an additional 14 Expansion Packs (9 x Streetly Tapes, OrchesTron, ChamberTron, OptiTron, and Alex Ball and Hainbach – Artist Expansion). It features a huge 11.3GB sound library, with 500+ tape banks and 3500+ presets.

Pricing and Availability:

  • M-Tron Pro IV is available now with an intro price of £74.99 (normally £149.99).
  • M-Tron Pro Complete is available now with an intro price of £199.99 (normally £333.00).

3 thoughts on “GForce Intros M Tron Pro IV Mellotron Virtual Instrument

  1. It’ll go down seven semitones. Note the range slider in green, just above the keys. This version makes it even broader. The effects are a welcome improvement. Its like any other instrument; it depends on how much you’re willing to dig in. I’ve played this since v.2 and its easy to recommend. Its not just a string/choir box. Its also a steampunk-flavored synth.

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