Shut Up & Play: The Sequential Trigon-6 Synthesizer

Sound designer Jexus shared this video demo of a collection of original sounds for the Sequential Trigon-6 synthesizer.

The Trigon-6 is Sequential’s take on the classic Moog sound, featuring a 4-pole ladder filter design, with feedback and drive, along with a dual effects section, polyphonic step sequencer, arpeggiator and more.

Here’s what Jexus has to say about the Sequential Trigon-6 and how it compares to Sequential’s OB-6 and Prophet-6:

“When I actually spent some good amount of time with my Trigon, the nerd in me started to appreciate all the nuances that otherwise might have seemed too negligible for the logical, outside observer. The end result (or fruit) of the idea behind this synth is distinct enough to justify the Trigon-6 becoming a separate, independent product.

The transistor ladder filter is one thing, but the feedback / drive block is as important for defining and understanding this instrument, because this is the door / passage into a territory not usually associated with Sequential’s poly-synths. Experimenting with the levels on the Trigon-6 lets us create sounds with flavors reminiscent of Polivoks or Korg Prologue – what I mean by that is all things rusty, toxic and screaming. Of course in a hi-fi version;)

That’s why I like the overall sound & character of the Trigon-6 better than the sound of the Prophet-6. The Trigon has a little bit more texture, it can be softer and more organic-sounding, but it can also be more venomous than the Prophet. Do I like the sound of the Trigon-6 better than OB-6? I am tempted to say no, because the OB-6 is a synth with even more character and grit in its tone, but I have to be honest with myself and anybody who’s reading this (especially if you’re about to make a purchase decision) – the OB-6 may create a bigger “wow effect” in the mind of the first-time listener or the grit-lover, but it’s the Trigon-6 that may actually be used more frequently in music-making due to its more streamlined, laid-back timbre. That’s why it may seem more versatile, despite the fact that the OB-6 has a richer filter section (Trigon has just LPF, whereas OB-6 has LP, HP, BP and notch).”

The Jexus Trigon-6 patches are available now for $27.90 (USD) / €25.90 (EUR) / £23.90 (GBP).

Update: Jexus shared another preview video for this sound library and, like the video above, it does a great job of showcasing the range of the Trigon-6:

2 thoughts on “Shut Up & Play: The Sequential Trigon-6 Synthesizer

  1. A set of Jexus sounds for a synth is a powerful reason to buy it. Just casually reverse-engineering a few of his patches will teach you gobs about it. He’s one of the mack daddies of patch design, like Eric Persing. This demo tells you most of what you need to know about the Trigon-6’s real voice.

  2. Ah the drive/feedback is nice.

    Really I have few complaints about almost any Dave Smith/Sequential synth. Every one I’ve heard or tried seems great in its own way. Even less successful synths like the Tempest or Evolver seem pretty cool. I’m not surprised that the Trigon would have some layers to it.

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