Tomita’s Snowflakes Are Dancing Bell Patch Tutorial

Synthesist Kip Kubin shared this step by step tutorial on recreating the iconic bell patch Isao Tomita used on his classic 1974 album, Snowflakes Are Dancing.

Kubin demonstrates the patch using a Moog format system, but you could use a similar approach with other modular systems.

The following modules are used:

  • VCO (3)
  • Mixer
  • 4 Pole Low Pass Filter
  • Envelope Generator (2)
  • VCA

Topics covered:

0:55 Signal Flow
2:35 Dialing It In
3:14 Notes
4:22 Alternate Patch Ideas

2 thoughts on “Tomita’s Snowflakes Are Dancing Bell Patch Tutorial

  1. proving once again; there’s nothing you can’t do with three VCO’s and some other stuff,

    great detail work. sounds terrific.

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