Phonolyth Cascade Reverb & Diffusion Processor Designed For Creating Expansive Supernatural Spaces

Phonolyth (developer Yuri Turov) recently introduced Cascade for macOS (AU+VST3), Windows (VST3), and iOS (AUv3). The Mac version is also a Universal Binary 2, meaning it runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon.

Cascade is a reverb and diffusion processor that they say has “an experimental edge”. It is designed with expansive modulated supernatural spaces in mind, but also features an extensive set of controls to explore other sonic territories, such as stereo widening, transient smearing, hybrid delay/reverb and chorus/flanger/resonator-like effects.


  • Wide range of diffusion textures spanning from subtle smearing and widening to otherworldly reverberation
  • Lush randomized modulation
  • Infinity and Freeze buttons for never-ending reverb bliss
  • Mix Lock for switching presets while keeping the dry/wet mix constant
  • Freely resizable UI with light and dark color schemes
  • Cross-platform preset format for sharing across plugin formats and OSes
  • 30 factory presets

Pricing and Availability:

Cascade is available now, price at $29 for macOS and Windows, and $7.99 for iOS. A free demo version is also available on Phonolyth website.

4 thoughts on “Phonolyth Cascade Reverb & Diffusion Processor Designed For Creating Expansive Supernatural Spaces

    1. Why did you choose the OS with the least support as your music workstation? Did you expect small software developers to invest time and money into making software available for a platform that occupies less than 3% of the market? Why would they do that?

      1. Think different is obviously something out of your undesrtanding… it once was Apple’s philosophy… long long ago…

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