Roland Intros Zenology Pro Collection, Featuring Virtual Versions Of 5 Classic Synths

Roland has introduced Zenology Pro Collection, featuring virtual versions of five classic synths.

Zenology Pro Collection features the Zenology Pro synth engine, plus all five of Roland’s Model Expansions, including the SH-101, JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, JD-800, and JX-8P.

The ZEN-Core Synthesis system also lets you share Zenology sounds with compatible ZEN-Core hardware instruments or the mobile-friendly ZC1 software synthesizer.


  • ZEN-Core Synthesis System plug-in and five Model Expansions for Mac and Windows
  • Thousands of tones and drum kits, easily expandable to over 10,000 selections
  • Clear, intuitive interfaces for free-flowing production
  • Increased polyphony over the original hardware on some models
  • Extended parameters, advanced arpeggiator, onboard effects, and more
  • Works in compatible ZEN-Core hardware
  • Swap Model Expansions and load sounds instantly
  • VST3, AU, and AAX compatibility and native support for Apple silicon

Pricing and Availability:

The Roland Zenology Pro collection is available now for USD $599.

6 thoughts on “Roland Intros Zenology Pro Collection, Featuring Virtual Versions Of 5 Classic Synths

    1. The V-Synth’s VariPjrsse technology is still amazing 20 years on, I do wish Roland would bring out a new synth with a modern CPU using this tech. Would be amazing!

      1. It’s in the 404 MKII as one of the time stretch modes, not quite a synth, but i think it says something about how innovative it was at release, still being usable.

  1. Roland’s Cloud plays too many sleight-of-hand tricks. If you want to fully commit to Zenlogy and live in a Roland world, cool. Otherwise, buy the Lifetime Key deal for your top synth or two and call it good. I have a couple of them and they deliver. Its simpler.

    Salt, I love the V-Synth too, but the base sound data is proprietary and largely drawn from the same pool as the D-50, JD-800 and others. Too few people took to the TimeTrip pad and its VariPhrase technology. User sampling and the unique effects chaining likewise. It was way too much synth for people who could only handle a Juno-106. You can’t put the tactile aspects in a software version. Swing & a miss.

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