Free App, sqsl Canvas, Turns Your iPad Into A Eurorack Control Surface


Developer Michal Macura has introduced sqsl Canvas, a free app that’s described as a ‘control voltage playground’ for iPad & Eurorack.

sqsl Canvas – paired with a DC-coupled audio interface – turns your iPad into a touchscreen controller for your Eurorack modular system. Currently supported interfaces are Expert Sleepers ES-8 and Expert Sleepers ES-9.


  • 8 touch strips for setting voltage level sent to outputs (1-8);
  • 8 frames (memory slots) for storing level settings;
  • Crossfading and switching between frames with optional external CV controls;
  • Levels randomization with optional external CV control (gate);
  • Global gain (inverting) with optional external CV control.
  • Output voltage range is switchable: +-5V or +-10V (sliders range is 0-10V).
  • Input voltage controls are clipped to +-5V range.

Pricing and Availability:

sqsl Canvas is available now as a free download from the App Store.

12 thoughts on “Free App, sqsl Canvas, Turns Your iPad Into A Eurorack Control Surface

      1. I credit Behringer threads here for showing me how to be stupid and disrespectful to otherwise fine products.

        and thank you for using ‘virtually’. I do respect performance threads; performance is always respectable.

    1. Think of this as a free (if somewhat limited) version of the Polyend Preset and it may make more sense. It’s not about making a screen slider replicate some knob—it’s about a way to combine/switch/crossfade/etc between several CV values at once.

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