discoDSP Intros Corona v6 Software Synth For Linux, Mac & Windows

discoDSP has released Corona v6, a major update to its software synth for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Corona combines Virtual Analog and Wave Synthesis, featuring three VA / WAVE oscillators, analog-modeled filter, a deep modulation matrix and more.

Here’s what’s new in discoDSP Corona 6.0:

  • New 3D Rendered Skin, with both dark and light themes.
  • Native ARM Support
  • 64-bit Builds on macOS, Windows, or Linux, including Standalone, Audio Units, VST2, and VST3 versions.
  • AAX Universal Binary
  • Enhanced Standalone App: For Windows users, they’ve added ASIO support, and for Linux enthusiasts, JACK support is now available.
  • Bundled Expansions: The Corona Wave Expansion and Corona Sound Expansion are now included with the registered installer.
  • Framework and GUI Updates – GUI size detection based on system screen size, and automatic dark/light theme switching based on system theme.
  • Licensing Made Easy: Activate your license online via the plug-in or standalone app.
  • Organized Settings: Settings location moved to Documents > discoDSP > Corona folder for easier access.

Pricing and Availability:

Corona v6 is available now for $99.00 USD. Existing Corona users can upgrade to the latest version for $29/29 EUR.

2 thoughts on “discoDSP Intros Corona v6 Software Synth For Linux, Mac & Windows

  1. I bought the update and I am disappointed:

    1. There is still no patch browser. You have to name your patched in regard of the type (e.g. lead, patch). This is not state of the art at all.
    2. The presets are programmed by far to loud. I have ongoing clipping. The only solution is to reduce the volume of each preset manually and to the presets one by one. Annoying.
    3. The sound is a matter of taste. For some it works, just check.

    In a nutshell: It is not the best plugin out there.

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