New Boutique Analog Synthesizer – The Space Brain Circuits DarkSky-4

Space Brain Circuits shared this video demo of their DarkSky-4 Stereophonic Analog Polysynth.

The DarkSky-4 is a 4-voice stereophonic analog synthesizer, featuring 4 independent oscillators that can be played monophonically, paraphonically or polyphonically.

Each oscillator is equipped with a dedicated VCA and Envelope. Each oscillator contains a sawtooth and square wave, which can be mixed to generate various timbres and sounds. The square waveform can be gradually adjusted from a square waveform to a narrow pulse width waveform to further expand the sonic characteristics of the oscillators.

The synthesizer also features two 24dB low pass filters with dedicated controls for cutoff frequency and resonance peak. DarkSky-4 provides several ways to add modulation to the audio signal, including frequency modulation, pulse width modulation, and filter modulation.

The semi-modular patch bay can be used to further modulate multiple sources of controls.

DarkSky-4 Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability:

The DarkSky-4 is available now for $599 USD.

2 thoughts on “New Boutique Analog Synthesizer – The Space Brain Circuits DarkSky-4

  1. I like that it’s stereo but Is it really a subtractive polyphonic synth if you can’t “subtract” each voice separately?

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