Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack Features Classic Lo-Fi Synth Sounds & More

Sound designer and Ableton Live expert Brian Funk let us know that he’s released a new Ableton Live Pack, available in both free and paid editions, the Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“I sampled all the preset sounds of the SK-1, as well as its drum hits and 11 rhythm patterns. Using its additive synthesis feature, I created another 11 sounds and sampled those.

In total, it’s 23 Ableton Instrument Racks with 83 Macro Variation Presets. The rhythm patterns are tempo-synced to fit into any Ableton Live Project. I also included 2 Audio Effect Racks: One mimics the SK-1’s Vibrato and adds Tremolo, Reverb, and Delay. The other is the Casio-ize Effect which captures the exact sample and bit rate of the SK-1 and makes anything sound like it was sampled to the SK-1.”

Here’s a quick demonstration of the Casio-ize Audio Effect Rack:

Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability:

The Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack is available now for $15. A free edition is also available.

3 thoughts on “Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack Features Classic Lo-Fi Synth Sounds & More

  1. Of course my 12 years old self wanted a Prophet or a Jupiter but with limited means I got a Casio VL-1. Grateful but unsatisfied I was later upgraded to the SK-1. Both of which are on my lap now, in perfect working order. Trio’s hit ‘Da Da Da’ sold 13 million copies and featured the VL-1. Perhaps there are uses for the SK-1 sounds and I am just not imaginative enough to find them. Or…

  2. This is cool. However, I wonder how he can sample the PCM (sample based) sounds of the SK-1 and not have issues with copyright claims from Casio.

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