Hiromi Tiny Desk Concert Will Melt Your Face Off

NPR’s latest Tiny Desk Concert features Japanese keyboardist Hiromi and her band, Hiromi’s Sonicwonder, getting their fusion jazz on and melting faces, up close and in person.

Hiromi performs on acoustic piano and Nord keyboards, and – whether she’s playing an acid bassline or more traditional fusion keyboard parts – she brings ecstatic energy and massive chops.

In other words, Hiromi will melt your face, and do it with a smile. Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!




Hiromi Uehara: piano, keys
Adam O’Farrill: trumpet
Gene Coye: drums
Hadrien Feraud: bass

23 thoughts on “Hiromi Tiny Desk Concert Will Melt Your Face Off

  1. great! i guess, personally i cant stand high-brow clavier technique virtuoso attitude trying to hijack something like ‘acid bassline’: no matter how many years classical training, or how pretty the girl and dress, how intense the shoulderwork, this ‘acid bassline’ sounds completely flat, and honkey tonk. I could not watch this for very long. solo music sucks.
    I’l see myself to the door now..

    1. Jazz was entertaining your grandpa before acid basslines were a puddle in the primordial soup of generally unlistenable modern tripe.

      1. Admin: Comment deleted – it devolved into name-calling and personal attacks.

        Keep your comments on topic and constructive.

  2. okay skipped a bit further, where keys per minute slowed down and started to enjoy this.
    I m not saying that they are not great musicians offcourse…

  3. WOW!! LOOK …Actual musicians! And they are actually PLAYING real music. And they don’t sound like ROBOTS!!! INCREDIBLE. I thought all music was all supposed to be DISCO. But I was way wrong.

  4. How very 70โ€™s when Chick Corea, Stanley Clark, Al Di Meola and Herbie Hancock just to name few produced this kind of music only much better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. What is this, the synth community’s introduction to what actual musicians are all about? You know, skilled live artists instead of some uninspired knob wiggling on top of running sequencers by out of shape dudes who don’t know a scale from a key? But yeah, good to see actual good music here. And no, it doesn’t melt your face off. The standards within the synth community are simply very, very, low.

  6. frรผher war alles besser crowd hihi

    `hell yeah i’l take an honest old fashioned hand made wagon over any Tesla car, right? always!

    ps this is not a comment to the music, but to the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This reminds me of the scene in South Park with gramps and Stan in the closet with Enya. NPR on synthtopia. Hoodathunk. It’s been a good run folks, but it’s all adult diapers and meatloaf through a straw from here I guess.

  8. For 23 minutes, a few trained musicians show each other how quickly they can play as many scales and chords as possible. No song structure, no recognizable melodic lines, weak sound selection and mixing quality. Nothing I want to hear a second time.

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