Modular Synthception: 4ms Meta Module Puts Virtual VCV Rack Modules Into Your Eurorack Synthesizer

Befaco shared these teaser images for the 4ms Meta Module – a module that puts a virtual modular synthesizer, based on VCV Rack, inside your Eurorack modular synthesizer.

VCV Rack is an open-source virtual modular synthesizer system for Linux, Mac & Windows. It originally debuted at Knobcon 6 in 2017, and has since grown to be supported by dozens of developers and to feature close to 3,000 different modules.

No official details have been announced yet for the 4ms Meta Module, but our understanding is that this is not intended to be ‘VCV Rack in your modular’, but rather to allow you to use VCV Rack to create patches that can be hosted on the Meta Module, letting you customize the module’s function.

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

9 thoughts on “Modular Synthception: 4ms Meta Module Puts Virtual VCV Rack Modules Into Your Eurorack Synthesizer

  1. “Yo Dawg. I herd you like modular synthesis, so we put a modular synthesizer in your modular synthesizer. ”

    Vintage Xzibit Meme – 2008

  2. cool idea to get more out of your modular , just think it should be bigger and I mean the screen.
    too keep this the size it is seems like missing the point.

    1. I think the screen might too big? Sounds like it’s not meant to be used to patch things. More for way finding. I hope it has its own patch browser UI (not trying to use the full desktop UI’s load screen within that little window to load patches).

      Seems like a reallllllllllly souped up Disting more than a “modular in your modular”.

  3. For awhile now, VCVRack has been an integral part of my analog modular system by just using the Expert Sleepers audio interfaces. I use it for just adding a few modules I don’t have in hardware, to building huge setups that drive my analog modules that are primarily just making sound. My main complaint is that my computer doesn’t have the horsepower for some of these huge setups. I need to upgrade that. I would like to know what level of support this thing has to run big VCVRack files. More details required. But this is interesting.

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