New Plugin, KickShaper, Designed To Deliver ‘Perfect Kicks’

W.A. Production has introduced KickShaper, an audio plugin designed to deliver ‘perfect kicks’, with natural-sounding tails, well-defined transients, and depth.


  • Kick designer plugin with advanced features
  • Unique processing modules
  • Frequency finder
  • Shape sculpting: Tail, Deboom, Thump & Click
  • Tone frequency adjustment
  • Enhancement features
  • AB comparison & Undo / Redo
  • Resizable interface
  • Responsive & CPU friendly

Pricing and Availability:

KickShaper is available now with an intro price of $16 USD (normally $39.90).

4 thoughts on “New Plugin, KickShaper, Designed To Deliver ‘Perfect Kicks’

  1. there are a free light version. BUT it’s only 32Bit architecture (c’mon guys!), Don’t work on Cubase 12. Is it the same with the full version too?

  2. Works pretty well, it won’t magically turn a limp kick into a monster but if your kick sound is already in a pretty good place, this plugin will help you elevate it into a better place. Simple, elegant interface. A steal at the $16 intro price.

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