MPE On The Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Synthesizer

Synthesist Tim Shoebridge shared this look at MPE on the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave synthesizer.

In the video, Shoebridge discusses the 3rd Wave firmware update and demonstrates the 3rd Wave’s MPE support, using the Expressive-E Osmose as an MPE controller.

Groove Synthesis recently added MPE support to the 3rd Wave and announced a new desktop module.


4 thoughts on “MPE On The Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Synthesizer

  1. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of the 3rd Wave. I hope they start to appear in Canada. I have to be able to play one before committing that amount of money. I’m sure it’s worth it but… I simply have to play one first before deciding to start saving.

      1. Know that the only (as far as I know of) synth with a standard black and white keybed that is MPE and can double as an MPE controller is the Osmose. However, the keyboard version of the 3rd Wave does, indeed, support MPE as Shoebridge demonstrates in the video. I’ve had loads of fun controlling mine with an Osmose and my Iridium keyboard for polyphonic aftertouch even before the new 3d Wave firmware update. Just when I thought the 3rd Wave was the most powerful analog synth in my studio, they introduced free running oscillators. Now, my Prophet 6 really does sound like a cheap copy of vintage analog synths.

  2. upgrading my Korg Nautilus 88 to the new AT version with aftertouch is supposed to cost $600+ so adding firmware support and actually playing it from the keyboard are 2 different things entirely.

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