Usynth PIXEL Synthesizer Takes You Back To The Days Of Classic Game Consoles

UJAM has introduced Usynth PIXEL, a new software synth that’s inspired by the sounds of vintage arcade games.

“At UJAM, many of us are passionate gamers who hold a deep appreciation for the iconic soundtracks of the 90s, from classics like Tekken and Donkey Kong to Monkey Island and Zelda,” notes PIXEL co-creator Peter Gorges. “These soundtracks continue to be performed live by orchestras worldwide, and the composers behind them are revered as true legends. We had the privilege of collaborating with one of these legends, the brilliant David Wise. Together, we’ve crafted Usynth PIXEL, a musical tool that allows you to infuse your compositions with the distinctive essence of a 90s video game console.”


  • Retro game multi-synthesis engine
  • 100 Synthesizer Presets
  • 100 Global Presets
  • 30 versatile Sequencer Presets with 180 phrases

Pricing and Availability

Usynth PIXEL is now available for 79 EUR / USD in VST 2, AU 2 and AAX formats.

2 thoughts on “Usynth PIXEL Synthesizer Takes You Back To The Days Of Classic Game Consoles

  1. when is Yar’s Revenge; the big Atari 400 poly coming out?

    synths developers have reached the “Welp, we’re out of good idea’s. Time to raid someone else’s treasure chest” phase.

  2. I wish they gave more infos about the “multi-synthesis engine”. The video and demos all sounds the same and gives the impression it can only do basic 8-bit Nintendo-like stuff and none of the Genesis FM or Super Nintendo ROMplers.

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