How To Build A Custom Commodore 64-based Synthesizer

Developer Gavin Lyons shared this overview of how to build a custom Commodore 64-based synthesizer.

All the music was made with the Commodore 64 synthesiser using Cythncart, MIDI card and some major mods to make the whole thing portable.

See Lyons site for a full build guide.

Topics covered:

0:00 Introduction
1:56 Preparing the paper
3:14 Replacing the SID chip
4:06 Cyanotype Chemicals
4:38 Midi Connectivity
5:11 Cyanotype Negative
6:08 Controls & Sockets
7:28 Paper for Cyanotype
8:31 Taking the Commodore apart
9:10 Audio Outputs
9:35 Mixing Chemicals
10:21 Video output
11:04 Painting the paper
11:31 Exposing with UV Light
11:55 Developing the print
12:56 A fun session

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