Behringer Brings Chaos To Eurorack With Mutable Instruments Marbles Clone

Behringer says that their new Chaos module – based on the Mutable Instruments Marbles – is now shipping from their factory.

While the company has been criticized for unauthorized copying of other company’s products, the Chaos is an open source project – meant to be copied – and Behringer gives prominent attribution to Mutable Instruments.

The Marbles design can be used in many ways, including:

  • Random gate generator
  • Master clock
  • Two-channel random rhythm generator
  • Random voltage generator
  • Programmable quantizer
  • Random looping and shuffling
  • CV processing

Pricing and Availability:

The Behringer Chaos is now shipping from its factory, with a street price of $99 USD.

5 thoughts on “Behringer Brings Chaos To Eurorack With Mutable Instruments Marbles Clone

    1. Companies that fail to acknowledge or follow the licenses of open source designs have a chilling effect. People are less likely to release their clever designs as open source if they think they’ll end up being used to make money for large corporations.

      1. What license violation? There is no violation here. It’s lame and uncreative and lazy but if you think a license is violated here I would like to hear why.

      2. Mutable Instruments’ code is generally released under an MIT license. Modifying that code and making the modified code proprietary sucks, but it’s not violating the license.
        The MIT License permits reuse within proprietary software, provided that all copies of the software or its substantial portions include a copy of the terms of the MIT License and also a copyright notice.
        I’m not holding my breath on that copy of the terms of the license.

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