Vaporizer2, ‘The Most Versatile Wavetable Synthesizer’, Now Free & Open Source

Developer Vast Dynamics has announced that Vaporizer2, their hybrid wavetable synthesizer sampler plug-in, is now freely available as open source software under GPL3.

They say that their motivation behind the change is to create a community-driven development environment to help foster innovation and development of the synth.

Key Features:

  • Flagship hybrid wavetable additive / subtractive VST / AU / AAX synthesizer / sampler workstation.
  • Alias-free versatile high-performance wavetable sound engine with low system CPU resource usage.
  • Wavetable editor with a vast number of editing possibilities including frequency shift, smooth, clean, bend and bloat for single-cycles, parts of single-cycles or even whole wavetables.
  • Easy-to use wavetable draw mode with smooth Bezier curves and snap to grid function.
  • Includes 780+ wavetables and single cycles and 410+ factory presets.
  • Comprehensive preset management system with tags, free text search, file system folder management and ratings.
  • Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

See the Vast Dynamics site for details or to download, or Github for the source code.

7 thoughts on “Vaporizer2, ‘The Most Versatile Wavetable Synthesizer’, Now Free & Open Source

  1. There are a dozen or so Serum clone-ettes around. It clearly set a meaningful standard. None of them take the next step of serious resynthesis so detailed, it’ll recreate a piano well, but short of that, you get a major league pile of everything synth. I prefer dedicated plugs for VA duties, but wavetable synths are so advanced now, you’re just an effects chain away from sounding like a Jupiter or an Oberheim. I heart multimode filters.

    1. patiently waiting for Serum 2 hahah. the fact that Dave Gamble is involved… im betting Serum 2 will impact the synth world just as much as Serum OG did.

  2. When I went to install on an M1 MBP, it gave special instructions to install SSE2 compatible versions, in the customize options. I decided to pause for a moment.

    One thing that stood out for me in reading the features & manual was their process for removing aliasing. The topic of aliasing first got on my radar with Kurzweil synths. Then soon after with some soft synths. That this synth has given this issue some priority sets it apart from many others. Though I admit, I don’t know what others (Serum, Vital, Surge, etc.) have done to reduce aliasing.

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