A 1969 Introduction To The Moog Synthesizer

In this BBC Archive short from 1969, Derek Cooper introduces the Moog modular synthesizer.

The clip is from Tomorrow’s World, originally broadcast 30 September 1969.

When this was originally broadcast, the Moog synthesizer was just starting to reach a mainstream audience. Switched On Bach was released in 1968, and it was at the top of the Billboard Classical Albums chart from 1969 to 1972. And in 1969, it was used prominently on The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

8 thoughts on “A 1969 Introduction To The Moog Synthesizer

  1. Nice peek through the eyes of the past

    These documentaries won’t have the same flavour of history and nostalgic purpose if the acquiring by InMusic churns out a flop down

    RIP Robert Moog

    Hope they don’t disappoint your life’s offering to world

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