Charlie Clouser On Scoring The Saw Films

This Soundiron profile features composer Charlie Clouser talking about scoring films of the Saw series.

Clouser worked in the 90s with Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie. In the last couple of decades, he’s developed an active career scoring for film and tv, including the Saw series, Wayward Pines, and American Horror Story.

Being a Soundiron video, it features discussion of some of the company’s sound libraries, but Clouser also discusses his approach to architecting the sound of his scores, deconstructs some of his movie cues, discusses his custom instruments and more.

One thought on “Charlie Clouser On Scoring The Saw Films

  1. On the other hand, one could choose a coleague musician/singer, and give her/him a paycheck. At least that is what i do for films that have a budget a hundred times smaller that a film like saw has. I mean there is not hurry to be repaced, we will all soon. Given the downhill spiral muicians faced after the end of the music industry it is the least one could do.

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