Behringer Pro-800 Synth Gets Dedicated Patch Editor

Developr Momo Müller has announced a new dedicated patch editor for the Behringer Pro-800 synthesizer.

The PRO-800 Editor gives you direct access to the PRO-800 parameters, allowing you to integrate it into your DAW projects. With the plug-in version, you can also record the controller movements and so the sound change can be saved.


  • Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly.
  • Change PRO-800 Sounds directly from Editor.
  • All controllers can be automated.
  • X-Y modulation of all parameters.
  • Randomize the settings of the PRO-800.
  • Use your PRO-800 as a sound module in your DAW.
  • Create your own sound bank and use the sounds in other projects.
  • Includes 50 new sounds.

The Editor is available for:

  • PC: As VST2 and Standalone for 32bit and VST2, VST3 and Standalone for 64bit Windows.
  • MAC: As VST2, VST3, AU and Standalone, compatible with MAC Intel and Silicon.

Pricing and Availability:

The PRO-800 Editor is available now for 6,90€  / $ 7.

7 thoughts on “Behringer Pro-800 Synth Gets Dedicated Patch Editor

  1. Love this. You buy a piece of hardware so you get the tactile instant access to all the parameters that are lacking in software synths and then you use a piece of software to edit it on screen. Why not just buy a software synth (ok so you can save patches)

  2. There are also some other nice editors for the Pro 800 too.
    For example, the one by Swumpf is free and quite good.
    There’s a list in the Pro 800 Controller thread on Gearspace.
    @synthhead I think it’s worth featuring these too.

  3. I’m making one for the Electra One, including patch parsing. So you will see the settings of a patch already made. It will be free for the synth community but you’ll need an Electra One of course. The pro800 actually has double the amount of controls than shown on the instrument and on most midi controllers, because all variable faders come with a counterpartner for fine control. However the coarse and the fine control overlap each other, which makes it rather confusing.
    On top of it all those SysEx controls are 8bit instead of the standard 7bit.
    It’s all plain and simple when using CC controllers, but it’s quite confusing to read and interpret the SysEx correctly as it transmit all 8+8 bits, while both ranges overlap instead of added: as far as I can tell the ‘fine control’ has a range of 1/16 of the ‘coarse control’ Never seen that before on a synth.

  4. Cool! 🙂 I’ve made a controller/editor/librarian for the Pro-800 with full SysEx and CC support. It features some pretty awesome Community banks too.

    We have a pretty fun little community on Gearspace with lots of awesome likeminded developers. Check it out if you’re interested and if you are curious on making your own, need help or have questions.

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