Sound Design With The Korg Modwave Synthesizer

Synthesist Ian Dixon shared this series of videos that look at sound design on the Korg ModWave synthesizer.

The Korg Modwave is a modern synth design that builds on the capabilities of the classic DW-8000. It features distinctive wavetable timbres, Kaoss Physics, and Motion Sequencing 2.0.

The tutorial offers a comprehensive introduction to sound design with the Korg Modwave. The tutorial applies both to the hardware Korg Modwave and the Korg Modwave Native plugin.

Samples and Motion Sequencing:

The second video in the series looks at how to use the samples integrated into the Korg Modwave, along with harnessing the powerful motion sequencer to modulate multiple parameters on the Modwave.

Check out the videos and share your thoughts on the Modwave in the comments!

One thought on “Sound Design With The Korg Modwave Synthesizer

  1. I bought a DW8000 when it was the first synth to come with a built-in digital delay. I got great mileage from it. It only had 16 wavetables where the MoDWave has scads of them, but it delivered. Its like comparing a Minimoog with a full III-P modular.

    People groused about a few aspects of them, but that little family of three is hella potent. They’re like modulars in small boxes, with added thought given to live performance. Hopefully, tutorials like these will get people to dig in a little more. Most synths have second and third layers that will surprise you.

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