Free Live Looping Software For Mac & Windows, Cantor v1.0

Cantor – a free looping, sampling and sound design application – is now available as a free download for macOS & Windows.


  • 32 easy to use effects to combine across 8 effect processors for never ending sonic exploration.
  • All synchronization and quantization defined as fractions to supports Polyrhythms.
  • A growing collection of in-house synths, as well as VST/AU instrument support.
  • Controls pre-mapped to computer keyboard, so all you need is your computer and headphones.


Cantor is available now as a free download. If you like it, consider donating to help support future development.

2 thoughts on “Free Live Looping Software For Mac & Windows, Cantor v1.0

  1. This looks pretty incredible. The built-in synths seem really fun/interesting by themselves. I’m a little overwhelmed by the UI but looking forward to having a play. I’ll prolly donate something because, damn, what an amazing amount of work—and I’ll likely enjoy it for longer than a single $12 movie ticket.

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