Lambda Synthetics Intros PolyPulse Algorithmic Performance Workstation

Lambda Synthetics has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the PolyPulse, a five-track algorithmic performance workstation.

The 5 tracks each have an algorithmic sequencer, a polyphonic sound engine of your choice, a customizable audio effects chain and morphing touch pad. The algorithmic sequencer allows you to create long evolving rhythms and melodies. With the touchpads you can morph between four presets per track, to create expressive and dynamic changes in sound and texture.

The PolyPulse has four audio inputs which can be sampled, and has eight audio outputs, allowing for various routings including individual outputs per track or spatialized multi-speaker setups.

It can be synced using MIDI, sample accurate clock signals and Open Sound Control. MIDI can be used to control sequence synthesizers and CC messages to morph sounds on your favorite synthesizer modules.

On each track you can select a sound engine, with up to eight voices of polyphony:

  • An ‘analog-style’ synthesized drumkit with a kick, snare, clap and hi-hat.
  • A (stereo) sample player which play sequences of samples so you can quickly create complex drum patterns.
  • A subtractive synthesizer with four oscillators, noise source, harmonic ring modulation, and a 24dB lowpass filter or 12dB morphing filter.
  • A four operator FM synthesizer with modulation matrix, so you can create custom FM algorithms, and morph between different algorithms.
  • An additive synthesizer with up to 32 sine waves per voice.
  • A physical modelling synthesizer ,with noise and samples as excitation source and two feedback loops to blend between positive and negative feedback.


  • 5 track standalone performance workstation
  • Intuitive interface to create complex (poly) rhythms and melodies
  • Sound morphing interface controlled by touchpads
  • Multiple polyphonic synthesis/sampling engines
  • Multichannel audio effects

Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse Overview:


Pricing and Availability:

The PolyPulse is available to Kickstarter backers for €1,999 (about $2,120 USD).

Note: Crowdfunded projects can involve risk. See the project site for details.

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