Free Tool, ShowMIDI, Makes It Easy To Visualize What’s Going On With MIDI Data

Developer Geert Bevin (Moog Music, LinnStrument, MPE standard co-author) has introduced a free and open source tool, ShowMIDI, that’s designed to make it easy to visualize what’s happening with MIDI data.

“I had this idea many years ago,” notes Bevin. “This time, when I had to wade through logs of MIDI monitor messages again, I finally rolled up my sleeves and got it implemented. I think it presents real-time MIDI data in a new way that makes it much more understandable and discoverable.”

ShowMIDI is available for macOS, Windows and Linux, with AU, VST, CLAP and LV2 formats. There’s also a standalone version.

It visualizes:

  • MIDI ports
  • channels
  • program change
  • note on/off
  • channel pressure
  • polyphonic pressure
  • continuous control change
  • pitchbend
  • RPN and NRPN
  • MPE configuration and channel modes

ShowMIDI is designed to be always on and auto-hides past information, using the spacebar you can pause the flow and focus on a data snapshot with the latest state of any MIDI entity.


ShowMIDI is available now as a free download. You can download pre-built binaries for Linux, Mac & Windows, and h@xx0rs can get the source at Github.

9 thoughts on “Free Tool, ShowMIDI, Makes It Easy To Visualize What’s Going On With MIDI Data

  1. absolutely fantastic, i was just going to start hunting for something like this when recently there was a phantom midi CC firing off in Logic and i didn’t know where it was coming from and now this app arrives. thank you very much Geert!

    1. I suppose now that Apple has officially deprecated the Environment in Logic, there is more of a need for tools like this. You can still get to the environment using cmd-0, and bring up a ‘monitor’ object for that type of troubleshooting.

  2. this is fantastic, i recently had a phantom midi CC firing off in Logic and was just about to start a search for a tool like this, thank you very much Geert!

  3. perfect. Before I used Protocol by Hexler, and in ancient times some other MIDI tools. Now ShowMIDI is the one for the MIDI 2.0 era. Protocol and other tools might still serve certain purposes, like to see the history of what note or controller commands have been sent, but for real-time checks ShowMIDI is the one.

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