Teenage Engineering Intros EP-133 K.O. II – A Retro-Sexy, Affordable Sampler

Teenage Engineering today introduced the EP–133 K.O. II, a powerful sampler, sequencer and composer that, priced at $299, is surprisingly affordable.

The EP–133 K.O. II lets you record sounds around you, sequence your samples and loops, tweak and automate filter, pitch and more, add stereo effects, compressor and punch-in effects, all on a chonky device with retro-sexy vintage calculator vibes.


  • Built-in mic and speaker
  • 6 stereo voices / 12 mono
  • 64 MB memory, or 999 sample slots
  • 6 built-in master FX and 12 punch-in fx
  • Pressure sensitive keys and multifunctional fader
  • Sampling frequency: 46 kHz / 16-bit
  • 1x stereo in/out, sync in/out, midi in/out and usb-c
  • Powered by 4x AAA batteries, or via usb-c
  • Dimensions: 240 mm x 176 mm x 16 mm

Here’s a video intro from Cuckoo:

Pricing and Availability:

The EP–133 K.O. II is available now for $299 USD.

via Andreas

40 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering Intros EP-133 K.O. II – A Retro-Sexy, Affordable Sampler

    1. If it’s a multiple of the internal audio engine, it might have something to do with how they are synchronizing tempo and/or granular stuff

  1. I’m not a fan of Teenage Engineering, but this looks like a lot of fun.
    I had the PO-32 and really had a blast with it. This looks a lot more powerful without losing the hands on, instant jam, fun that the little PO’s give you.
    I’m very tempted.

    1. It doesn’t seem to. Looking at the online manual there doesn’t seem to be anyway to back up the device. Once you’ve used up the nine projects, it doesn’t say how you can save them before starting nine new ones.

  2. Does this sequence midi like electribe? Does TE even use midi a lot? I doubt.Still Esx-1 user here because of the midi function/interface. Maybe its the best for me. Otherwise this piece seems like what people have been missing: cheap good interface hardware sampler.

    1. Yes it does, if you take a look at the Cocoo video about 32 minutes in he demonstrate how to use it with an external synth and a MIDI controller. I like this machine, cool retro looks. And not too expencive either.

  3. Cute, but a bit underpowered. The low sampling rate and lack of storage are the main things that nix it for me. TE makes clever DECO items for people who aren’t ready for more serious power, IMO. It has “Sharper Image” written all over it. The GUI is too fidgety, but if you crave scratch-pad portability, there are worse ways to go. At least its not nesting dolls of all the legendary synth makers. 😛

    1. If you can’t make music with 46 kHz sampling rate and enough space for a few hundred drum samples, the problem might not be the machine. This thing has more power than most samplers made in the 80s, and those were used to create timeless music.

      1. 46k is the essense of this thing. It is the forward leap that musical technology needed so badly. Music will never be the same after this, so i can perfenctly understnad why T.E needed to use that sampling rate. Only hypsters would ever complain.

  4. i enjoy unique samplers and sample mangling/reshuffling/granular blah blah.. but it needs a way to revert back to a snapshot like the digitakt does. That would be super neat

  5. I don’t usually care for the TE ‘expensive aesthetics’ formula but $300 is a good price. The strange design quirks are offset by the quality engineering and the good design quirks. Batteries are a big plus.

  6. I guess the fixed memory of 64 mb and no media card option could be a deal breaker for many. example for many Akai mpc users it is not uncommon to have 700+ different snares.

    Beyond that, I think this is the most interesting release from TE since OP1, but with a price point where everyone can join.

    Coming from an SP303 or similar, this is very tempting! Love the design!

  7. ‘$300 is a good price…’ maybe…
    Production cost of this device is ~$30 (included R&D) + ~$20 marketing = $50.
    Sale revenue $250 each unit.

    1. Hardware engineer for a manufacturer here. Your numbers are way off. You’re ignoring mold costs for the case, the custom display, the cost of a decent STM M4 or M7 processor, CODEC, etc. Don’t forget to drop money on CE and FCC lab tests (let’s ignore the different certifications needed for the UK, Japan, China and Korea for the sake of this simple post), documentation, safety certification, packaging, recycling arragements in the EU, shipping cartons and the cost of shipping around the world in containers.

  8. i have been pretty indifferent to most of their offerings, but TE really hit the mark with this one, a great balance of features and creative limitations (like old school samplers). i love the PO33 but it was slightly too limited, this looks perfect.

  9. Kinda cool but TE should have equipped it with more memory and SD card slot. Fun but value is quite poor compared to a basic iPad or an SP404mkII..

  10. I always loved the immediacy of the TE PO 33.
    This thing looks great.
    What a great price. It’s a shame it’s just released before Xmas when we have no cash and then neither in January!

    I love the look of it and the colours. Very nice design!

  11. Am I the only one who thinks it looks fugly? Like a speak n spell mated with a calculator. Plus, I don’t like gear with orange stuff haha, sorry arturia

  12. I wonder if TE has plans for hardware expansions/add-ons/dongles that address some of the these shortcomings, kind of like what they did with the op-z and those modules you could buy. Sort of a way to still allow their main customer base fulfill their penchant for premium. I can see them releasing a nouveau sd card reader, or some sleek reimagining of an old cassette tape backup interface. Don’t get me wrong though, this new KO has my attention regardless of how I feel about their other recent products. It’s got me second guessing the MPC One I bought last June. I think I’ll wait till they start showing up at the general public’s doorsteps and let the pre-order crowd discover any bugs/issues that will inevitably show up.

  13. Wow this is a joke 64 megs (if it cost 100bucks i may like it much more) and I bet TE did not get the rights to use Muhammad Ali fight image. Just look at that ripping off black America culture to sell a piece of junk. Now is that how TE see black Americans?

      1. HA HA!
        What is a normal human in America?
        I know the KKK, Teke touch carries, the bible and trump.
        They could have used a picture of Sill (Herring) that’s a TKO!
        Or the Swedish Chef with his TKO cooking!

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