Valhalla Supermassive 3.0.0 Is More Massive Than Ever, But Still Free

More massive than ever, still free

Free Music Software: Valhalla DSP today released ValhallaSupermassive 3.0.0, a major update to the free audio effect that adds two new reverb/delay modes, Leo And Virgo.

Leo is the biggest, lushest, densest mode in Supermassive, while Virgo is the smallest, grainiest, most spare reverb mode in the plugin.

“I’ve loved working on Supermassive over the past few years,” says developer Sean Costello. “Since Supermassive is a free plugin, I don’t feel the pressure to make things perfect that I do with the paid plugins. With less pressure, I’m able to experiment with new things, and try out ideas that might be too weird otherwise. All that being said, the last few rounds of Supermassive research have resulted in algorithms that refine some of the original concepts, and just make them better.”

Here’s what they have to say about the new modes:

  • The new Leo mode is the most super massive-est of all the Supermassive modes. It has a very slow attack, a long to VERY long decay that is controlled by both Density and Feedback, and a high echo density, with balanced modulation. Leo interleaves the high and low EQ filters throughout the reverb network, which means that the reverb decay can be dark, shrill, bass heavy, whisper light, or just perfectly balanced. I find Leo is ideal for big synthesizer sounds, as well as realistic cathedral sounds and other long reverbs.
  • Virgo is the smallest and sparsest mode in Supermassive. It has a fast attack, and basically sounds and behaves like a stereo delay until the Density control is turned up. With higher Density settings, it still sounds like a grainy delay, that kinda sorta turns into a reverb. Virgo is great for pointillistic echoes, spring-ish reverb sounds, and other sparse effects that create more space around your sounds..


Valhalla Supermassive 3.0.0 is available now as a free download for macOS & Windows.

19 thoughts on “Valhalla Supermassive 3.0.0 Is More Massive Than Ever, But Still Free

  1. As a Virgo I won’t be using this. Insulting us as small and sparse is too much. I like the clean and tidy Virgo like interface……….

    1. That’s a good life if you can just buy a pedal. I prefer software since I can layer different modes together in different ways. Plus I can’t justify owning a costly item which is a single instance of a plugin in a metal box. Good thing that Strymon do plugin now, too.

  2. Not going to complain. Such a nice freebie!
    They’ve started out with eight modes and over time added even more – by my count we must be up to around 19 modes or so by now.

    I’m not really into the celestial naming thing and would prefer a clearer labeling of the modes, but they’ve now added a very handy description below the mode select button, so as I’ve said, I’m not going to complain. Awesome piece of software!

  3. I’ve gotten good use from Supermassive, but I can recommend their paid plugs Delay and Shimmer, too. The GUIs are easy to approach and the sound quality is top-notch. When I’m busy, its great to drop one of these in and keep rolling. Its easier on my brain’s CPU. Great stocking stuffer gift for your similarly wack music pals.

      1. Fortunately, there are editors like bitwig that I’m legally using and renewing each year. Linux is not only a matter of price… but that seems too complicated for some …
        And yes., I also use it on my m2pro.
        But thanks for your so relevant and constructive advice

    1. No need for a Crapple or Windooze OS, simply seach for the plugin container made by Raze114 on Github, works wonders on mint and ubuntu, Enjoy 🙂

    2. I ask my self why would anybody use linux for making music? If you use Linux, I think because its a hobby for you and you dont have 300$ for a used mac mini m1. Maybe you search for another hobby thats free, maybe jogging? Or better start programming your own Linux free VSTs and stop whining.

      1. Those willing to create for free are rather using stealware on windows…
        I’m using a (paid) bitwig and (paid) plugins on Linux AND on an expensive M2Pro Sonoma conf…
        One day, maybe, you’ll understand pricing might not be the driver to use Linux…

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