Arturia Updates Firmware For KeyStep Pro & Intros KeyStep Pro Chroma

Arturia has released KeyStep Pro firmware 2.5, adding bug fixes and user-requested features, and introduced KeyStep Pro Chroma, a new version of the keyboard MIDI controller.

Here’s what’s new in KeyStep Pro firmware 2.5:

  • Send Program Changes – Users can now send Program Changes per pattern and per MIDI track.
  • Transpose Latch – Configure KeyStep Pro’s Transpose button to toggle Transpose Mode on.
  • Quick-access track settings – Quickly change track-specific settings by pressing Shift & Track number.
  • Fixed Velocity – Determine a fixed velocity for pressed keys and triggered notes.

KeyStep Pro Chroma combines new aesthetic elements, including a dark gray exterior, blue LEDs, new knob caps and the ability to change colors for tracks.

Here’s a profile of Andreas Tilliander, aka TM404, and how he uses the KeyStep Pro:

Pricing and Availability:

The KeyStep Pro Chroma is available now for $574 USD. Firmware 2.5 is available as a free download.

9 thoughts on “Arturia Updates Firmware For KeyStep Pro & Intros KeyStep Pro Chroma

  1. Why does so many modern machines look like toys made for kids. Somehow they often succeed at doing something functional and beautiful at Elektron. But Arturia is just always horrible looking. The same goes for Roland in later years. Way too many blinking LEDs in way too many colors. But maybe it’s just me. What do you guys think?

    1. definitely just you! certainly not to everyone’s taste but more lights and colors can also be highly instructive and a way to convey additional information (color-coding is just plain helpful!) and useful in various lighting conditions. fwiw i think Arturia’s UIs are far more intuitive and transparent than something like Elektron units, which for all of their depth and capability are obtuse in terms of workflow immediacy. but ultimately, as with everything, preference/preferences/preferences

  2. The firmware: too little, too late. This thing can only record notes (unquantised, which to be fair is the only reason why is not going in the bin) not even the pitch wheel!

  3. Why do so many companies jump on buzz-word bandwagons? A couple years ago it was “Iridium” and now it’s “Chroma”. Lets see how many more product releases we see with the word “Chroma” in it. . .

  4. What a bunch of complainers. This is one of my favorite sequencers. It’s made of metal, so it’s solid (and heavy). Built extremely well. It’s not a toy.

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