Analogue Solutions’ Ample Matrix Synthesizer Now Available

Analogue Solutions has announced that its Ample 3 VCO analog matrix patch pin synthesizer is now available.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Ample adheres to Analogue Solutions’ tried-and-tested no-compromise construction formula, featuring a full rugged steel and aluminium case — no plastic mouldings here; high-quality metal potentiometers with smooth action, fully sealed against dust intrusion; high-quality knobs with spun aluminium caps; high-quality double-sided circuit boards; high-quality 16-bit DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Convertor) for stable MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to CV (Control Voltage) conversion; stable analogue oscillators; gold-plated touch plates; plus true retro analogue voice and modulation circuits to give an authentic retro sound. Since Analogue Solutions’ innovative instruments are applauded for proudly possessing a truly vintage sound — synthesisers featuring fully-analogue audio paths with analogue LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) and EGs (Envelope Generators), in other words, Ample is in good company as an ANALOGUE 3 VCO PATCH PIN SYNTHESISER.”


  • 3x Analogue Oscillators
  • VCO3 can easily be used as a LFO
  • 2x Analogue Low Frequency Oscillator
  • LFO2(/Sync) has a triangle wave output
  • CO3 can be used as an LFO and has Saw, Triangle and Square wave modulation signals
  • Analog Filter – four pole 24bB per octave low pass filter.
  • The VCA can be set to THRU so it is always ‘open’. This allows Ample to be used as an effects processor.
  • 2x Analog Envelopes
  • MIDI support – they say that “MIDI is intentionally kept simple, so you can concentrate on making new sounds and making music, not getting tied up with SYSEX programming. You get the all-important control over filter cut-off using MIDI Velocity.”
  • Patchable External CV Control Sockets
  • Sequencer – Ample has a vintage-style 16-step sequencer.
  • Touch Keys – There are 6 touch keys that each output a set voltage.
  • Echo

Pricing and Availability:

Ample is available now, in limited quantities, for 1,999.00 GBP (excluding tax/VAT).

13 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions’ Ample Matrix Synthesizer Now Available

  1. Sounds nice, looks nice, decent price (by AS standards, I expected it to be 50% higher). Absolutely terrible demo, why would you want to cover up the sound of your $2000 synth with a craptastic drum loop?!

    1. Prolific? To me it seems they’re just rehashing the R&D from their Colussus into other products. Maybe they decided they want to bring in some money, so we get these “affordable” “best of…” versions of their top of the line stuff that which run at 10- 20.000.

  2. I think the UDO Super 6 desktop fits the bill. Some of Waldorf’s stuff as well. You can also tell those guys know what they’re doing UI-wise. This atrocity above, yeah… It doesn’t cut it. But that’s part of their game lately.

  3. It looks like a 2k+ synth to me. How much power and “pretty” do you need with a modular? I can already hear some devoted players quivering to buy this one. Its quite a beast.

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