SRM Sounds Intros Max Richter Piano Virtual Instrument

Composer Max Richter has launched a new virtual instrument company, SRM Sounds, with the release of Max Richter Piano, a piano virtual instrument that they say is “voiced to play quietly, with atmosphere”.

“We decided to launch SRM Sounds because, even though there are a million sample libraries out there, I could find hardly any that really hit the spot for me,” notes Richter. “For composers, sound is an incredibly personal and emotional thing. For many of us, the experience of falling in love with the physical and tactile aspects of sound is what got us into music in the first place, so working with sounds that aren’t quite right is really disturbing. Therefore, we decided to make our own Kontakt instrument collection, using the wonderful acoustics and technical resources of Studio Richter Mahr. These instruments have the colours that I love to use to tell the stories I want to tell.”


  • 2 instruments total ~98GB
  • 3 microphone positions per instrument
  • 5 Round Robins
  • 10 dynamic layers (ppp to mf)
  • 2 varieties of reverb
  • Action, dampers & pedal volume control
  • Velocity sensitivity control
  • Kontakt Player library (Version 6.8.0 or higher required)
  • NKS compatible

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Max Richter Piano is available now, with an intro price of $150 (normally $185).

4 thoughts on “SRM Sounds Intros Max Richter Piano Virtual Instrument

  1. 98 GB and $150

    If you want good virtual pianos, do yourself a favour and get Pianoteq

    Blows bulky sample libraries out of the water

  2. Well, Although Pianoteq plays really well, it misses out authenticity and realism (to me)- so clinical! Nice ‘tech’ product, but not there yet. Might in the future though. Played on a real grand recently?

  3. not in all cases but there is usually a trade off between the two, physical modeling can be quite cpu heavy and samples are storage and ram heavy, and real pianos are just heavy. 😉

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