Ableton Push 3 Upgrade Kit Now Available

Ableton today let us know that the Push 3 Upgrade Kit – an upgrade that lets you convert a Push 3 without a processor into a standalone instrument – is now available.

With the standalone components installed, your Push will work exactly the same as a Push bought with a processor. It lets you step away from your computer, running Ableton Live as a hardware device.

The Upgrade Kit contains the Push 3 standalone components: an Intel 11th Gen Core™ i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD hard drive, lithium iron phosphate battery and heatsink. It also includes screws, a screwdriver, a backplate lifter, and a protective mat.

The Intel NUC Compute Element combines a processor, RAM memory and WiFi. It’s the first Intel processor to be adapted for Push.

Here’s how you install the Push 3 Upgrade Kit:

Pricing and Availability:

The Upgrade Kit is available now for USD 1049.00.

8 thoughts on “Ableton Push 3 Upgrade Kit Now Available

  1. 1049,- dollars for a crappy out of date pc upgrade kit. That people are actually giving money to this company is beyond me. Seems like they just wanna be ripped off.

  2. $1049 for this is an utterly insane level of GREED. When looking at what Ableton is paying wholesale here, The i3-1115G4 is a $50 part tops. 8gb of ddr-4 ram is $25 tops, the motherboard / enclosure is $50 tops, then $25 for the battery, and maybe $50 for the ssd comes to $200-$250 worth of actual cost. Even if you go with the very generous (to Ableton) figure of $250 in actual costs here, it means Ableton is marking up a bunch of shitty laptop parts by something like 400%! I mean you can buy an entire laptop with that has better specs across the board for $500 and you can buy the Intel NUC this thing is based on with the exact same specs for $500 in many plances online, and those already have 100% retail markups baked in. I lost a lot of respect for Ableton with the pricing of the Push 3. Just seems like a totally baseless cash grab fueled solely by corporate greed with no concern whatsoever for their users or community.

    1. You clearly have no experience working in financing for a big manufacturer like ableton and have no idea about all the costs involved making this kind of product.
      A retail price of 4 times the cost of the parts will not sustain any big business like ableton, you will find these factors only with boutique/homemade/one man businesses that sell directly and it will still be considered low margin. The parts costs much less (like 50 to 100$ max, probably less) factors of 10x – 20x retail price to manufacturing costs for a mass produced product are standard, and after all expenses involved they will definitely not get rich from it.
      Just consider 30-50% dealer/distributor margins And tax on income (50% of the margin left).Now with the 200$ left you need finance designing, manufacturing costs, development, support, soft updates, advertising and so on… and have something left to pay to your workers. Try it sometime and see how “greedy” you consider yourself.
      But maybe it’s a good thing that people don’t know this kind of things…
      “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”. Henry Ford

      1. “Just consider 30-50% dealer/distributor margins” We’re living in 2023 not 1999. Do you really think dealers get that much on music gear. Well some do but not the music instruments you think.

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