Behringer Pro-800 Modern Presets

Sound designer Andi Vax (Access Virus TI) has released a collection of modern presets for the Behringer Pro-800 synthesizer.

The collection includes 174 Melodic Techno, Trance and Synthwave patches, including:

  • 64 ARP LEADS
  • 20 LEADS
  • 33 PADS
  • 18 BASSES
  • 5 FX

Audio Demo (without drums and master effects):

2 versions of the preset bank included:

  • 1 SYX file with 174 patches for using with FREE Midi Peak Editor
  • 2 SYX files for using in Behringer Syntribe App

The library is compatible with firmware 1.4.1+.

Pricing and Availability:

The sound library is available now for €22.

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