‘Torrents Of Destruction’ On The LinnStrument

This series of videos, by thoughtForm Max, explores using the LinnStrument with feedback and expression pedal.

The first video captures a live performance of The Torrents of Destruction Overwhelmed Me.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details:

“DAW is Ableton, sound source is Serum, played in channel-per-row through an effects-laden amp sim. I also mic’d the room and ran that through the FX as well for some extra feedback and liveliness.

Amp gain, room level, and some other things are controlled with expression pedal, using an M4L device called Grid-Funktion as a response curve.”

Here’s the second part, Eloquent Lips are Unsuited to a Godless Fool:

Here’s the final part, With a Scorching Wind:

2 thoughts on “‘Torrents Of Destruction’ On The LinnStrument

    1. Reminded me of threnody for souls in torment by Robert Fripp quintet. Saw them live so many years ago. I’m searching for it on youtube but cannot find it.

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