Trogotronic Model 673 WaveWraith Promises ‘Terrifying And Beautiful’ Sounds

Trogotronic shared this demo of their Model 673 WaveWraith, an analog vacuum tube instrument that combines they say is “simultaneously delicate & brute, terrifying & beautiful.”

In addition to its internal synthesis capabilities, the instrument features a dozen CV/Gate inputs, for integrating with other analog gear.


  • All-Analog Signal Path
  • Ergonomic Wood-Case Console
  • 11 Control Knobs / 9 Multimode Keys
  • Multi-Lamp Analog-Feedback Display
  • Worldwide Power Supply
  • Doubles as “Deeply Haunted FX”
  • “Apex-Link in Pedal-Chain Table-Bangs”
  • Standalone / “Semi-Modular”
  • 12 Gate / CV 1/8″ Inputs
  • 10 Element Vactrol Control-Voltage Array
  • 10 CV Attenuators / Parameter Controls
  • Gates for Output & Triple-Osc Array
  • Swappable 9-Pin Twin-Triode Tube

Pricing and Availability:

The Trogotronic Model 673 WaveWraith is available now for $659 USD.

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