Conductive Labs MRCC 880 MIDI Router & Interface Now Available

Conductive Labs has announced the availability of the MRCC 880 MIDI router, matrix patcher, and USB MIDI interface.

The MRCC 880, with dedicated per-port routing buttons, is designed to routing MIDI connections easy. Simply select an input, then pick which outputs to route to. MIDI merging is automatic.

Status and activity are displayed on per-port LED indicators. More advanced features such as Filtering, Channel Split, Panic and MIDI monitoring are configured with dedicated buttons. When your performance setup is complete, save it for recall later. All without needing a PC for configuration.


  • 4x DIN Inputs, plus 1x shared 3.5MM TRS MIDI Type A
  • 4x DIN Outputs, plus 1x shared TRS MIDI Type A (thru)
  • 4x USB MIDI Virtual Inputs and Outputs
  • One Button Per Port MIDI Routing
  • Automatic MIDI Merging
  • Save and Load Presets
  • Dedicated Panic Button
  • Clock and Start/Stop/Continue Filters
  • Per port MIDI Activity Monitoring

Pricing and Availability:

The MRCC 880 MIDI router, matrix patcher, and USB MIDI interface is available now for $179 USD (normally $199).

9 thoughts on “Conductive Labs MRCC 880 MIDI Router & Interface Now Available

    1. Hey Kip, thanks for posting. One question. Let’s say that you connect a midi controller o one of the ‘midi ins’. If I connect four mono synths on the four ‘midi outs’. Does it has the functionality to play chords. Do you know?. Thanks in advance. Sid

      PS if someone else knows another solution/product for this configuration I’m looking for. Do you think you can help me out?. Thanks in advance

      1. @Sid. You might want to look at the Blokes midihub. I can’t vouch for it from personal experience, but I think it might do what you want.

        1. I’ve never tried this specifically with my midihub. There is an integration between the midihub editor and user patches shared via github. You need a computer to access or modify those scripts. If you go to the blokas forum you can see whats there. I like the way midihub works for simple stuff and all the ports are addressable on my mac, including USB, so I can use things like Bome or MidiPipe (or Max) for all sorts of merging and processing. This CL product seems cool for live use.

  1. it was issued years ago. it never went off the shelves at Thomann and others. and now you give them free advertising and misrepresent it as a new or updated item. very bad journalism

    1. Thanks, reader, I didn’t know that Thomann is selling Conductive Labs products. It would seem though that they sell the MRCC 880 since November 2022, that’s a bit over a year ago, not “years” as you say. It’s also number 14 in the sales rank for its category, the bigger MRCC is number 3.
      Do you have a source with sale numbers to back your claim that they “never went off the shelves”? If not, it’s just very bad commenting.

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