XOR Electronics NerdSEQ Eurorack Tracker Sequencer Gets Firmware V2.0, Multi-IO Expander

XOR Electronic recently released Firmware V2.0 and the Multi-IO Expander for the NerdSEQ Eurorack Tracker sequencer.

New features include an advanced scaling screen, support for 3 independent MIDI Ports (with the Multi-IO Expander) and a flexible new mapping screen that can be used to create your own features.

The update is free and can be downloaded on the XOR Electronics website.

“The NerdSEQ was already the most feature-rich Eurorack sequencer,” they say, “but this update does bring it again to another level.”

In addition the the firmware update, they’ve introduced the new Midi-Expander for the NerdSEQ, which adds the following ports and functionality:

  • USB Host -> Connect any Midi Class Compliant gear like a Launchpad (with full integration), Midi Keyboard/Controller etc
  • USB Device -> Connect to your Computer and get a new XOR Midi Device for direct Computer NerdSEQ Midi communication
  • TRS-A Midi -> Classic Midi connection using a stereo jack cable (adapters for DIN Midi Connectors included)
  • 2x I2C Ports -> Each can be either leader or follower. Connect your I2C capable module (like 16n, ER301, distingEX, Just Friends and others) and get access to 100 virtual patch-cables. Both ports are located on the backside of the module but one port is also additionally located on the front (to connect an external 16n faderbox for example).
  • Additional Buttons and an encoder Knob -> New edit modes, dial in notes and more…

Pricing and Availability:

The NerdSEQ is available now for €528,00 ex. VAT (EU), and the Multi-Expander is available for €219,00 ex. VAT (EU).

One thought on “XOR Electronics NerdSEQ Eurorack Tracker Sequencer Gets Firmware V2.0, Multi-IO Expander

  1. Forget about open AI or any LLM taking over the world. Governments around the world should be warned about NerdSeq. First it takes over your eurorack, and then the world. If anything should claim a clear path to general artificial intelligence it is nerdseq.

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