Live In The Moog Sound Lab – TOPS Performs ‘Colder & Closer’

The latest live performance video from the Moog Sound Lab features TOPS, performing their song Colder & Closer.

For the video, TOPS has arranged the track with melodies from Matriarch, Grandmother triggered by guitar via MIDI, spacey Moog One pads, deep Subsequent 37 bass, and more.

TOPS is…

  • Jane Penny: vocals
  • David Carriere: guitar
  • Riley Fleck: drums, synths
  • Marta Cikojevic: keyboards, synths

11 thoughts on “Live In The Moog Sound Lab – TOPS Performs ‘Colder & Closer’

      1. especially considering the song they posted is boring and thin sounding lol. the moog video is at least a decent pop song. well produced.

    1. Instead is just 2 people tweaking sound…like loads of people tweaking their eurorack for certain sound (with help from a sequencer)…that’s their good right…but I prefer mostly songs. And this is a proper song imo. Specialy the polyphone sound from the Moog One. Pity Moog has so less polysynths as far I know.

  1. Lovely song, well played (and sung!) all around. Everything is well-integrated, with the synth parts weaving around the song rather than dominating it. Its one of the better “ads” for Moog I’ve heard. Rockin’!

  2. in terms of the site’s image system don’t you have something like “focal point” (on Drupal) where you can determine how a pic gets cropped? the preview image looks like it’s a boobs thing…!

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