DTronics DT-303 ‘Acid Sound’ Distortion Effect

Dtronics shared this video demo of the DT-303 Acid Sound, a hardware distortion box that’s design to pair perfectly with the Roland TB-303 to create the ‘acid sound’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The Dtronics DT-303 is not your ordinary distortion, It is not a clone or copy.

It gives you 3 blends that you can adjust and filter. Each of the 3 settings have minor changes in the frequency spectrum. The distortion knob allows you to spice things up from minor to overrated distortion. Use the filter knob to suppress those high frequencies. A volume knob is added to adjust the output level to your needs. A bypass knob allows you to switch back to the original sound quickly.

The DT-303 was designed to fit perfect next to your TB-303 or RE-303. With the connections at the back you will have no spaghetti wires hanging over your gear.”

Details are still to come at the DTronics site.

8 thoughts on “DTronics DT-303 ‘Acid Sound’ Distortion Effect

  1. Back in 1991 I must’ve been through at least twenty different distortion pedals for my TB-303, none did it for me but the Ibanez LA Metal. Had this thing been around back then I’d be all over it. Sounds just right!

  2. I saw on another site, $29 for pre release, $99 street price. Still looking for a link to pre order
    I would look forward to using this on my monotribe. The drums and synth from the monotrbie sound really great distorted. Also fun to run through my monotron delay

  3. Pro-Co Rat clone with a switch between the classic and turbo rat mode, not sure what the overdrive mode is but it could potentially be a lower gain transistor modification of the classic circuit. Cool pedal especially if it’s reasonably priced

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