Korg KingKORG Neo Synthesizer Hands-On Review

2024 NAMM Show: In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the KingKORG Neo, a new compact synth, with 37 full-size keys, a 16-band vocoder, effects, and virtual patching.

The KingKORG Neo is essentially the KingKORG in a new form factor, but there are also some additions and changes. Check out the video, and share your thoughts on it in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:05 vs. KingKORG
1:55 Overview
4:20 Edit mode
5:25 I/O
6:10 Oscillators
6:40 Basic shapes
7:05 Noise
7:40 Dual osc
8:00 Unison osc
8:25 Sync
8:40 Ring mod
8:55 Xmod/VPM
9:30 DWGS
10:20 PCM
12:00 Filters
15:10 Two timbres
16:05 Effects
18:40 Envelopes
19:20 LFOs
21:00 Mod matrix
22:50 Vocoder
24:25 Arp
25:35 Voice unison
26:20 Settings
26:55 Pros & cons
29:45 A few presets

4 thoughts on “Korg KingKORG Neo Synthesizer Hands-On Review

    1. Thats the recommended price, it will of course be cheaper in stores! At the same time it is far more capable than TEs OP1 Field. Which costs around double more than this!

  1. Its a nice hands-on instrument rather than a sequencing one. Same with its 5-octave parent. If Korg used the same iffy keys here as on the Opsix, etc., it makes it more of a module-with-keys deal. It’d be more appealing minus those.

    I don’t see the lack of wavetable import to be a lack, for instance; its not aimed at being a sound-design treasure chest. It covers a lot of basics so your more out-there synths are free to present their specialties. Its similar to Roland’s GAIA 2. It’ll either be an EDM centerpiece or on top of a stack for added color. Wavestate Native is more my speed.

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