Korg NTS-1 mkII Synth Features Enhanced Synth Engine, Better Connectivity & Improved Keyboard

Ahead of the 2024 NAMM Show, being held January 25-28, 2024 in Anaheim, California, Korg has announced the NTS-1 mkII, a new version of their compact multi-engine synth.

The Korg NTS-1 mkII features an updated interface, a more powerful processor, more customization options, a new keyboard, a built-in sequencer, expanded MIDI capabilities and more.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New Multitouch keyboard – The NTS-1 mkII features a new 18-key multitouch keyboard, substituting the ribbon controller of the first generation, for precise playing and sequencing. This upgrade unlocks the ability to send MIDI note messages polyphonically, opening the doors to custom oscillators and effects leveraging the paraphonic potential of the NTS-1.
  • 8-Stage Sequencer – With live and step recording modes (with per-note gate length and velocity settings) available in combination with its new keyboard and easy octave switch. The NTS-1 mkII also has a MIDI Out, so you can use its internal sequencer to control other gear in your setup.
  • Powerful new engine, sounds and effects – While retaining the versatile features of its predecessor, this new iteration adds an array of new sounds, including new oscillator types and modulation possibilities, using its Audio IN signal as a modulation source to create FM, AM or RING sounds. The NTS-1 mkII also features many new Modulation (distortion, fuzz…), Delay (tape delay, BPM synced delays…) and Reverb effects, as well as handy oscillator OFF and Filter THRU functions.
  • Expanded connectivity – In addition to the SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN, Korg has added a new MIDI OUT output for seamless connection and expanded performance possibilities with other gear. On top of that, most parameters on NTS-1 mkII have been made MIDI CC compatible for deeper control. It is also now powered through a new USB-C bus.
  • Updated logueSDK Capabilities – Powered by a new chip, the NTS-1 mkII has expanded processing power, making complex effects and oscillators more possible than ever before. A new development API is available for developers on Github.
  • Customization and 3D data -Thanks to its open design, the NTS-1 mkII is a highly customizable synthesizer that you can modify in several ways. In addition to the open source logueSDK that allows users to build their own custom oscillators and effects, the hardware of the NTS-1 mkII can also be physically modified cosmetically and functionally. Korg is providing the necessary schematics and instructions to personalize your NTS-1 mkII in many different ways.

Korg NTS-1 mkII Audio Demos:

See the Korg site for details.

15 thoughts on “Korg NTS-1 mkII Synth Features Enhanced Synth Engine, Better Connectivity & Improved Keyboard

  1. Not find anything on Gigthub about new SDK, nothing about 3D materials, etc.. all is coming soon…
    Cool things! Very powerful new distortion effects included.
    Waiting in the shops.

  2. For the new filter thru function and what I assume will be the ability to use both delay and reverb at the same time, this will be a very cool little box! However, i hope they add some of these effects onto the MK I as they are only a small portion of the added functionality to the MK II.

    1. I see it just the opposite.

      This is Korg’s multi-engine developer platform, which means that this generation of multi-engine synths will be 5 times as powerful as the previous one.

    2. not to worry, they only went from 32K to 48K; this is not going to be a Prologue II platform. just an NTS-1 kicker for the desktop freaks. i canceled my preorder already.

    1. Yep, happened to mine under extremely light usage (never leaves the house). It’s a fun little box, and I might buy the mkii, but the hard truth is that it is after all just a cheap piece of junk.

    2. They positioned the NTS-1 as their ‘developer platform’ for the multi-engine originally.

      I’d like to see them do a straight up effects Euro module version of the NTS-1.

  3. It would be great to hear that this mkII capability could be applied to Minilogue/Prologue users via an update. Surely the chips and pulleys inside these devices are more resilient than the innards of the NTS-1?


    1. no. NTS and Prologue are literally the same in this regard. that’s what platform architectures are for; reduce costs via common design and components.

    2. The new chips are something like 5x faster than those in the 1st gen instruments, plus there is more memory, so back-porting may be difficult.

      However, the processor instruction set is essentially the same, so migrating older plugins to the new platform should be relatively easy – and they can easily be made more capable too.

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