Behringer Teases UB-Xa Mini, A $99 Taste Of The ‘Authentic Sound Of The OB-Xa’

Behringer today shared this sneak preview of their upcoming UB-Xa mini analog synthesizer,  a minisynth that they say offers “the authentic sound” of the Oberheim OB-Xa.

Details are still to be announced, but Behringer says that the UB-Xa mini offers three voices. It’s not clear if that is three paraphonic voices or if three polyphonic OB-Xa style voices.

Pricing is expected to be about $99, and availability is still to be announced.

18 thoughts on “Behringer Teases UB-Xa Mini, A $99 Taste Of The ‘Authentic Sound Of The OB-Xa’

    1. Whatever works for each person’s needs or inspiration, and budget in this very expensive world is crya consideration for most. The fact that these analog machines can be made and sold for these prices is incredible. However, original/vintage gear is always going to be way cooler and most desirable. Whatever floats your boat. Oh and if you’re actually making music with multiple devices then no one will likely know what the source is anyway as long as it sounds good

  1. none of the Mini/Micros are ‘polyphonic’; it’ll be three pitch sources with a single filter design. behringer may take issue with the definition of poly vs para, but most folks consider poly to be count of completely separate audio signal paths, not pitched voices (or whatever nit piddling folks want to make of it). love the Pro-VS, goes great with a poly d or monopoly four voice.

  2. Seeing a lot of similarities to the Volca Keys on this. The voice and octave selectors as well as some of the keyboard functions… interesting

  3. The format seems so small, it defeats one of the main purposes for a mini-synth: to be a useful outboard sound source for a bigger, better controller. I prefer keys I can play readily, not just event triggers. If you like capacitance keys, Arturia’s MicroFreak delivers far better for not many more bucks. Whether this emulates the OB sound well is still TBD.

    1. 99€ vs 330€, microfreak not much more, yeah right…
      And its not made to be an outboard source to be controlled…my god i need to stop reading these comments on Synthtopia, people just dont know what they are talking about anymore.

    2. Pretty sure it’s two analog oscillators and the filter from the UB-XA synth, not a virtual analog. If you like the way that synth sounds, I would assume this is similar just less capable.

  4. Phew, here I go…! Hans, I believe that’s a MIDI In on top, so it was clearly meant to have outside input at least part of the time. Yes, its built as a part-novelty that’s pocket-portable, but even so, most players will eventually want to interconnect their gear. Its hard to imagine that B* doesn’t want you to feed a few of these with a UB-Xa, let’s say.

    As far as the prices, synthesizers aren’t cheap even when they’re cheap. I have no issues with someone who likes the budget models, but if $230 more is going to break your budget, you need a less pricey hobby! I used the Microfreak as an example because with 11-12 different engines now, the range is exponentially better. IMO, that’s well worth some added budgeting.

    I know what I’m talking about (mostly!) because I’ve worked in two music stores and bought everything from cheapo modules to serious workstations. B*’s mini line will find its place, but its almost always a better idea to buy upwards as far as you can. A mid-level synth often gives you 5X the power of the cheapest member of that family. Better to say “I need to RTFM, because this thing is deep,” versus “I’ve hit the wall and need a more capable synth.” I loved my Polysix, but the Triton blew it away.

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