New Electronic Instrument, The Zen Flute, Now Available

Instrument designer Keith Baxter let us know that his latest design, the Zen Flute, is now available.

The Zen Flute is described as a “mouth theremin”, that maps the pressure and shape of a performer’s mouth to the pitch output. It provides USB and analog outputs of the on-board procedural flute synthesizer, along with USB MIDI for controlling other MIDI devices or software.

The instrument was First Prize winner in the 2023 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, an annual invent that celebrates “innovative musical instruments at the intersection of musicality, design, and engineering”.


  • Housing: Solid color PVC with cast acrylic end panels (white or black)
  • Processor: Teensy 4.0 ARM Cortex-M7 at 600 MHz
  • Open Source software featuring the Faust procedural synthesizer from Grame Research Lab, France.
  • Outputs: analog stereo audio (right stereo jack), USB audio (digital stereo); USB MIDI, analog monophonic pitch monitor (left jack)
  • Cherry “red” fast action keyboard switches
  • Includes USB cable and mini-CD with schematic, source code, instructions and hints

Here’s an example of the Zen Flute in action:

Pricing and Availability:

The Zen Flute is available for $320 USD.

13 thoughts on “New Electronic Instrument, The Zen Flute, Now Available

      1. You can’t compare analog machines to a device which is basically a midi controller that has its own vsts built in.
        The sound produced by analog synthesizers is based on their physical mechanism, and can’t be recreated digitally.

  1. Looks cool. Is there a video of someone playing it besides the very short one at the competition? I need more to go on before purchasing one.

  2. this seems too expensive for what it is… which is understandable considering its probably not mass produced

    but still…. seems doubftul

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