Sound Magic Releases EZVox, AI-Powered Vocal Processing System

Sound Magic has introduced EZVox, an AI-powered vocal processing system for Mac & Windows.

EZVox is designed to be an all-in-one solution for enhancing vocal tracks. Features include a De-esser, EQ, Compressor, Doubler, and Reverb, each tailored specifically for the human voice.

EZVox offers two distinct modes catering to different user needs.

  • The detailed control mode is perfect for professionals, allowing full customization for a tailored sound.
  • The AI-based mode simplifies the process with easy-to-understand options, designed to let users without mixing expertise get great results.

EXVox Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

EZVox is available for $69 until Feb,15th 2024 (normally $169).

5 thoughts on “Sound Magic Releases EZVox, AI-Powered Vocal Processing System

    1. Yup. On the one hand the tool seems well put together and I can’t fault plugin manufacturers for marketing all-in-one tools considering many great FX units had ‘magic’ presets. But I don’t care for the marketing buzzwords.

  1. Fair points. The best tool of all is to train your ears. I can do quite a bit with my DAW tools. Many classic albums were made with far less. Learning how to automate EQ moves over a trouble spot, as an example, is much more valuable than hoping a preset gets you close.

    Still, I also see merit in having a couple of such tools. Musik Hack’s Master Plan is a personal favorite that adds subtle but audible touches that enable me to tweak a little less, with greater focus. I don’t collect a lot of processors because they can become distracting, but a few like EZVox, if you do a lot of vocals? Oh yeah. Study and then buy a few of the go-tos that best suit your style. It pays off.

  2. Outside the discussion of the wider “AI” trend (I sort of doubt there’s any AI involved with this) – anyone else find the last 3 examples sounded more pleasant BEFORE this was applied? It seems to place the vocal too far forward and adds a weird harshness to the formants.

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