Future Retro Vectra 2.0 Now Available

Future Retro has announced that their updated Vectra synthesizer, with firmware 2.0, is now available via dealers and their online store.

The Vectra is a unique digital-analog hybrid synthesizer that features four oscillators, white and pink noise sources, four ring modulators, a four-channel mixer, five LFO’s, six morphing envelopes, six primary multimode analog filter types, a main analog VCA, and numerous internal modulation routings and VCA’s controlling modulation amounts.

The Vectra’s synthesis architecture is designed to allow the greatest flexibility in recreating multiple synthesis techniques of the past, while introducing several new innovations and methods. According to the company, it’s like having a powerful self-contained semi-modular synthesizer, with approximately 500 internal signal routings and around 256 storable sound parameters.

Here’s what’s new in Vectra Firmware 2.0:

  • Randomization over sequencer parameters.
  • Reset to step 1 of sequencer.
  • Midi cc control over sequencer parameters.
  • Midi cc in and out of joysticks.
  • Sequencer parameter improvement for more convenient usage of features during live performance including keyboard enhancements.

The update also includes bug fixes and a new sound library.

Pricing and Availability:

The Future Retro Vectra is available now for $1,599.95 USD.

3 thoughts on “Future Retro Vectra 2.0 Now Available

  1. It sounds fun but, that’s a very steep price for such a small instrument (compare it to a 4 octave hydrasynth for example). It looks more like a gadget to me honestly.
    I probably would have troubles with the way how the keyboard is printed…I have to see right away where the C key is located.

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