Open Source MIDI Goblin An Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Chord Generator, Patch Saver & More

Developer Andrew Crawford shared these previews of MIDI Goblin, an open source patch saver, arpeggiator, auto-chord, arp-note, sequencer and MIDI LFO.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“The MIDI Goblin started off as a simple patch bank for 1 synthesizer…As time passed, more features were added and more are still being added.

MIDI Goblin will ship with a patch saver, arpeggiator, auto-chord, arp-note, sequencer and MIDI LFO app ready to use right out of the box. Users will be able to set MIDI in and out channels, and define functions for two push buttons through the MIDI goblin settings menu. User settings for each device are saved to the removable micro SD card and load automatically when their device is selected.

…it’ll also be completely open source! “


  • User defined devices – User’s data determines what devices are supported by their MIDI Goblin.
  • Patch saving –  You can save and load patches to micro SD using your MIDI Goblin. The OLED screen and the ability to name patches makes the process simple. Only devices that use MIDI CC (control change) data for saving and loading patches will be compatible with MIDI Goblin’s patch storage feature.
  • Arpeggiator – MIDI Goblin reads MIDI Note messages arpeggiates them. Users can arpeggiate up to 8 notes, adjust speed and change modes on the fly.
  • Sequencer – You can create sequences on the fly of up to 32 steps. You can and, edit or remove notes, change the recording / playback mode, adjust the sequence tempo, length and save your sequence (plus playback speed) to Micro SD.
  • Auto-Chord – With the press of a key, you can create chords in major or minor key up to 8 notes in length.
  • Arp-Note – Arp-Note is a combination of the arpeggiator and auto-chord features. Press a note, hear an arpeggio. Users can define the length of the arpeggio (up to 8 notes) in major or minor keys ,and choose the direction of the arpeggio.
  • MIDI LFO – Using the MIDI LFO function you can automatically modulate any MIDI CC number. You can modulate the CC value based on basic waveform shapes to craft new sounds for your synth.

Pricing and Availability:

Crawford plans to produce MIDI Goblin via a Kickstarter project. See the project site for details.

2 thoughts on “Open Source MIDI Goblin An Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Chord Generator, Patch Saver & More

  1. Device looks quite good, but this is one of the worst demos I’ve seen. Wandering, unfocused, horrible choice of synth sounds. I hope Andrew will look at something liket he Loopop video reviews and follow the format, learns to work with a script etc. The design and development work here looks top notch and it’s a shame that the presentation falls short.

    1. Agreed! I do need to work on my presentation and editing skills….and I will! Working off a script seems like a good idea and including a few different camera angles and maybe adding some graphics could help. Ill be uploading more videos in the near future, hopefully the production quality of each video will be a little bit better each time.

      …fingers crossed about loopop. Their videos are amazing.

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