Vintage Synth Review Of The Waldorf Q

This vintage synth review,via synth4ever, takes an in-depth look at the Waldorf Q synthesizer.

“The Waldorf Q is still a very powerful, deep and versatile synth,” they note. “Even 20+ years later.”

The review covers the features, sounds and a demo of the Waldorf Q synthesizer, which was originally released in 1999.

The Waldorf Q is a virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer that features 3 oscillators, 4 envelopes and dual multi-mode filters per voice. It offers a 61-note keyboard, with velocity and aftertouch, arpeggiator, a step sequencer, and more.

If you’ve used the Waldorf Q, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Vintage Synth Review Of The Waldorf Q

  1. A very nice synth. I wanted to buy one, unfortunately second prices compete with the Iridiums out there which makes zero sense, so…

  2. The Q+ is one of my favorite synths, but I’d be scared to pay big bucks to buy one. Like all old synth gear, it’s great when it works but not when something goes wrong. $$$$$

  3. This, and the Microwave XT (which I’ve owned a few times) are great sounding VA/Wavetable synths. The rare Q added analog filters which is similar to what they did later on with the Quantum.

    I always felt that Waldorf had a unique sound, and until the Quantum, the Q and MWXT represented the pinnacle of their instruments. Their modelled filters have also always sounded excellent. Another thing to note is that they always put nice feeling keybeds into their products, which you can’t say for everyone else.

    The Blofeld sounded pretty good and was easy to operate considering the interface, but they were a cost effective choice that IMO wasn’t in the same league as these former flagships. However, they are a great value.

    The Q and MWXT (which had a gorgeous keyboard version too) felt and sounded big and mysterious when they came out. I think their functionality has been replicated and expanded upon with the Quantum but I’ll always have a soft spot for their bold sound and appearance. If you can’t stretch to the Quantum, I’d suggest checking out the ASM Hydrasynth. I sold my last MWXT to put money towards one and I’ve not regretted it one bit.

    1. Excellent comment. The MWXT is underappreciated, one of the biggest-sounding synths I’ve ever used. All of their gear can put out huge powerful sounds out of the box. I think one reason the company has struggled financially over the years (besides their commitment to quality regardless of cost) is that their gear has such a big sonic range; it wasn’t always easy to find the sweet spot when programming, and the flip side of that BIG sound is that it’s not so easy to mix together multiple patches without careful EQ and mixing; Waldorf gear sometimes feels like using an 18 wheel truck to pick up a carton of milk. Not the easiest gear to work with, but well worth the effort.

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