GForce Software & Oberheim Intro DMX Drum Machine For Mac & Windows

GForce Software and Oberheim have introduced DMX, a new virtual instrument, for Mac & Windows, based on the classic Oberheim DMX drum machine.

The original Oberheim DMX drum machine was used to create the hythmic foundation of New Order‘s Blue Monday, Madonna‘s Holiday, Phil Collins’ Sussudio and many other iconic tracks.

The GForce DMX includes all of the original DMX sounds from its launch in 1981, as well as the updated DMX sounds introduced around 1983. They’ve augmented this with sounds from the DX, Sequential Drumtraks and more.


  • Created in collaboration with Oberheim
  • Features the Oberheim DMX (1981 & 1983) and 1982 DX sound kits with many variations
  • 288 authentic and unique DMX and DX sounds.
  • Over 60 preset kits, including the classic, modern and hybrids
  • Solo, Mute, Delay sends, Reverb send, Pitch, Decay, Pan and Gain per track
  • Multi-mode SEM filter, distortion, and compressor on master
  • Over 85 MIDI Files with many classic recreations
  • Programmable MIDI CC response via MIDI Learn
  • GM Map for your MIDI Controller
  • Fully-scalable UI
  • Velocity control
  • Preset Browser

Pricing and Availability:

DMX is available now with an intro price of £19.99 (normally £39.99), ex. VAT.

4 thoughts on “GForce Software & Oberheim Intro DMX Drum Machine For Mac & Windows

  1. Looks well designed, for a very generous price. I’m not the usual target for things like this, but its striking me as a path to some real fun. It doesn’t hurt a bit for Oberheim to be a partner in it. The sounds can be had in a million sets. Its the challenge of playing the enhanced old school interface that’s interesting.

    1. +1
      Sometime long ago there was gigantic drum library that I downloaded, it has an insane number of drum machine samples all the kits alphabetically listed with some really obscure machines. I think I got it from a link on music radar? I dunno but it’s awesome and I use it a lot, but playing with these emulations, especially on large monitors is a blast.

      Putting these older machines thru tons of FX, one fav secret sauce is putting them thru guitar rig pro, so much fun, just opens so many sonic doors for insane sounding rhythm stuff, my experience has been the more basic machine emulations the more fun.

      I’ve been straddling the software/hardware fence for a long time but definitely more software these days…so for the price it’s a must buy for me.

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