SAND 2.0 Grid Sequencer For iOS Now Available

Developer Matteo Caldari has released Sand 2.0, a a grid-based software sequencer for iOS.

SAND is a powerful grid-based sequencer, designed to create music using plugins and external MIDI devices in an efficient and effortless way.

Note: SAND does not generate sound on its own, but can be used to sequence other plugins available in the the AppStore.


    • Create dynamic changes in your tracks by automating parameters like volume, panning, effects, and MIDI.
    • Apply global effects and automation
    • Edits to master track clips can propagate to section clips, making it really quick to write a chord progressions and a bass lines at once
    • Set any time signature for the project.
    • Every section can have its own time signature.
    • Scale highlight
    • Note audition
    • Ghost clip
    • Chord editor
    • Split notes
    • Duplicate notes
    • Brush notes
    • Copy and paste velocities
    • Use last duration and velocity when adding notes
    • Light theme option in the piano roll
    • Vu-meters
    • Long press on volume and pan to show controls in fullscreen
  • MISC:
    • Automatically generate project name
    • Automatic section length
    • Free trial period

Pricing and Availability:

Sand 2.0 is available now. It’s a free update for existing users, new users get 14 days trial and a $9.99 in-app purchase to unlock the full version.

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