First Love Synthesizer Makes FM Synthesis User-Friendly

Ahead of Superbooth 24, Icelandic synth maker Love Synthesizers has announced the First Love synthesizer,  a portable synth that they say makes FM synthesis user-friendly.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

 “The FIRST LOVE synthesizer has an engaging interactive interface on a 7” touchscreen with real-time graphics as well as hardware controls that shape the output of its sound generating module.

It gives unprecedented real-time control over the intricate variables of an FM synthesizer in a fast-flowing user-friendly manner.”

Details are to come at SuperBooth 2024, being held in Berlin, May 16-18.

4 thoughts on “First Love Synthesizer Makes FM Synthesis User-Friendly

  1. Looks lovely. I’m most curious about the way that three section button thingy will be used. Can’t remember seeing something like that on a synth. Or really any physical UI.

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