Behringer Eurorack Go Bracket Now Available For $79

Behringer has announced the Eurorack Go Bracket, a new accessory that lets you connect two Eurorack Go cases to create a 560 HP system.

The Bracket fills a gap in Behringer’s case line, but at an unexpectedly high price of $79 USD. Some Eurorack Go owners are using Tiptop Audio Mantis Studio Brackets to connect Eurorack Go cases, since Behringer’s case design was based on Mantis, and the Mantis brackets are compatible and affordably priced.

As a customer noted on their Facebook page:

“The tiptop mantis 2 tier brackets are only $38, and their 3 tier brackets are $99. How on earth did you guys think $79 for your 2 tier brackets is acceptable pricing?

At least make a 3 tier for that price, and drop the 2 tier price, otherwise everyone will just buy the mantis brackets since they are 100% compatible with your Go cases.”


  • Bracket kit to connect two EURORACK GO cases for massive 560 HP of case space
  • All hardware included
  • Aluminum construction

Pricing and Availability:

The Eurorack Go Bracket is now shipping, priced at $79 USD.

19 thoughts on “Behringer Eurorack Go Bracket Now Available For $79

    1. only this robin hood also still from one man boutique brands 🙂
      Anyway ill bet behringer have the best margins in the synth business.
      maybe this is just another act of controversial advertising, maybe they will lower the price afterwards, or maybe its just overlocked, nothing is surprising with beringer.
      I guess i just gave them the attention they asked for…

  1. I’m sure there is evidence to prove me wrong but this is the first time I’ve seen the announcement of a product in this site, that includes a discussion about an alternative product, with price comparisons

    1. Almost any time a company clones another company, which is the majority of Behringer’s product line, the price comparison is almost always brought up.

      1. I think he means the comments that have been quoted from Facebook with an external link to the facebook post

        He’s right – I have never seen that here before

        Strikes me as being very petty and vindictive

        Might have been better to just use the information from those comments to do some research and then post the results of that research here

        1. You think that using this information without giving credit to the facebook user will be more suited?
          And what is the extra resource you think is needed?

        2. Yes, the Facebook thing (we call it “cherry picking” around here, which is funny because we speak Spanish) but also I thought mentioning the competition in the second paragraph and using half of the post to do it was weird.
          But as I (and some of you) said, I’m probably wrong.

        3. Not really that weird at all.
          Behringer don’t do the normal press release / reveal like most companies do.
          Social media is how they drop most of their news. Especially Facebook.
          Most sites like this one wouldn’t have got an email or anything from Behringer to say this was dropping.
          This site, and others, likely follow Behringer on Facebook so are simply reporting what they’ve found.
          I’ve checked out the post and that comment stuck out to me, and it was quite near the top of the comments.
          So, relevant and therefore worth mentioning in the article.
          Crisis adverted, carry on as you were.

        4. eoin – There’s nothing ‘petty and vindictive’ about reporting the news.

          It’s newsworthy that Behringer introduce these brackets, but it’s just as newsworthy that the Mantis brackets are better and cheaper. And it’s not Synthtopia making that statement, it’s Behringer’s Facebook followers.

  2. Given Behringer’s mission claim is to make musical instruments more cheaply available ,
    it is certainly newsworthy that one of their cloned products is being sold at a higher price than the original .
    Thank you to Synthtopia for bringing this information to light , as I do not visit Behringer on Facebook , & well done to the original Facebook poster .

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