Oberheim TEO-5 In-Depth Review

In his latest loopop review, synth guru Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the new Oberheim TEO-5 synthesizer, which was introduced today at Superbooth 2024.

The TEO-5 is designed to make the classic Oberheim tone palette more widely accessible, encapsulating decades of analog engineering experience in a compact package, and at a more affordable price.

Eliraz praises the sound of the TEO-5, saying that ‘the raw ingredients here are excellent’ and that it offers deep mod matrix options, but notes that the 5-voice polyphony is a limitation.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the TEO-5 in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
3:10 Build & keys
4:05 Low split mode
4:30 I/O
5:05 Oscillators
7:30 Sub & noise
7:55 Sync
8:20 Thru Zero FM
11:20 Misc osc
11:45 Filter
14:05 Overdrive
14:45 Effects
19:55 Unison
20:25 Chord mode
20:35 Envelopes
22:30 LFOs
24:10 Mod matrix
27:10 Vintage
28:05 Arp
29:25 Sequencer
30:50 SoundTower
31:55 Pros & cons
37:45 Preset sounds

4 thoughts on “Oberheim TEO-5 In-Depth Review

    1. Loopo uploaded 5 new videos in one day, all are very informative, going in depth and without cutting corners, high quality all around, this guy deserves a medal. I’m sure other reviewers will agree.

  1. Loopop posts some of the best, no-BS reviews around. Once he goes through his paces, you have an excellent basis for deciding if a tool is right for you. Between Ziv, Woody and Nick Batt, its like a walk-through tutorial from the manufacturer. Better yet, its filtered through their lens as players like us. Its an invaluable resource.

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